I Promise 2nd Edition Facilitator Bundle (3 Assessments, 2 Workbooks & 1 Facilitator Guide)


The NEW I Promise Facilitator Bundle includes 2 copies of the I Promise 2nd Edition Workbook with assessment codes for the Bride and Groom and 1 copy of the NEW I Promise Facilitator Workbook with access code for the Facilitator.

 I Promise is a biblically-based premarital resource that includes workbooks and access to online interactions. I Promise is a great tool for engaged couples preparing for marriage, for couples seriously dating and considering whether they are ready for marriage, and for facilitators looking for a group or one-on-one premarital resource. Facilitators may be mentor couples, pastors or simply friends of the bride and groom who have a strong and vibrant marriage.

 The six sessions in I Promise deal with the topics of Identity in Christ, Covenant Commitment, Roles in Marriage, Communication, Conflict Resolution, and Wise Stewardship (Sexuality and Finances). Inside the front cover of each workbook is a code that allows one individual access to the online I Promise Experience, where they can take the I Promise personality and relationship assessments and find resources to help equip them for marriage God’s way. In addition, inside the front cover of the I Promise Facilitator Workbook is a code that allows the Facilitator access to myriad resources to assist them in leading a couple or a group through I Promise.

 I Promise is designed for couples to work through each chapter individually before coming together to work through the “Honest Talk” section. Then couples can meet with a facilitator, mentor couple or small group to continue their discussions with additional input.

 NOTE: If you are a facilitator leading one couple, you will need to purchase 1 Facilitator Bundle. If you are a facilitator leading a group, you will need to purchase 1 I Promise Facilitator Workbook for yourself and 1 Couple Bundle for each couple in the group.

For more information, please visit ipromisev2.strongmarriages.com