I Promise Facilitator Bundle - 3 Assessments, 2 Workbooks & 1 Facilitator Workbook

I Promise

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The NEW I Promise Facilitator Bundle includes 2 copies of the I Promise 2nd Edition Workbook with assessment codes for the Bride and Groom and 1 copy of the NEW I Promise Facilitator Workbook with access code for the Facilitator.

 I Promise is a biblically-based premarital resource that includes workbooks and access to online interactions. I Promise is a great tool for engaged couples preparing for marriage, for couples seriously dating and considering whether they are ready for marriage, and for facilitators looking for a group or one-on-one premarital resource. Facilitators may be mentor couples, pastors or simply friends of the bride and groom who have a strong and vibrant marriage.

 The six sessions in I Promise deal with the topics of Identity in Christ, Covenant Commitment, Roles in Marriage, Communication, Conflict Resolution, and Wise Stewardship (Sexuality and Finances). Inside the front cover of each workbook is a code that allows one individual access to the online I Promise Experience, where they can take the I Promise personality and relationship assessments and find resources to help equip them for marriage God’s way. In addition, inside the front cover of the I Promise Facilitator Workbook is a code that allows the Facilitator access to myriad resources to assist them in leading a couple or a group through I Promise.

 I Promise is designed for couples to work through each chapter individually before coming together to work through the “Honest Talk” section. Then couples can meet with a facilitator, mentor couple or small group to continue their discussions with additional input.

 NOTE: If you are a facilitator leading one couple, you will need to purchase 1 Facilitator Bundle. If you are a facilitator leading a group, you will need to purchase 1 I Promise Facilitator Workbook for yourself and 1 Couple Bundle for each couple in the group or a case of 30 I Promise Participant Workbooks.

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What others are saying:

"I’ve met Dewey and Lynne Wilson. I’ve seen their ministry. And I’ve read their new pre-marital resource, I Promise. It’s a powerful, biblical, practical tool that I’m honored to highly recommend. You’ll especially love their state-of-the-art online support tools, which make this premarital experience a hit with today’s couples."

– Dr. Greg Smalley
Executive Director, Marriage & Family Formation, Focus on the Family

"The words, 'I do' will be the starting point for a marriage filled with frustration or fulfillment. The words, 'I Promise' are a great way to make sure you and your spouse choose fulfillment. The experiences this book will give you, and the online tools that support it, are priceless. You'll learn much about yourself, your spouse, and your God. You will also see what closeness, caring and commitment look like when they are lived out every day. This is the practical, biblically based pre-marital resource you've been waiting for and it carries my absolute highest endorsement."

– John Trent, Ph.D.
President, StrongFamilies.com & The Blessing Challenge

"I Promise is a new, biblically based pre-marital program that really “gets it!” The Scriptural insights and relationship tools found in I Promise help future spouses understand the real meaning of the covenant promises they make when they say, 'I do.'"

– Dr. Tim Clinton
President, American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC)

"I Promise is a powerful tool to help couples understand their identity in Christ and to reflect the promises of God upon their marriage relationship. Having utilized Marriage Mentors' mentoring materials for years, I am excited to recommend this resource to you for individual, couple-to-couple, and small group marriage preparation. The on-line support resources are an incredible asset! This is the biblically-based premarital resource we have been praying for!"

– Paul Moffett
Sr. Associate Pastor, Lighthouse Christian Center, Puyallup, Washington